Large Language Models Podcast

Delve into the transformative world of Large Language Models. Learn their pivotal role in enhancing your day-to-day tasks and revolutionizing communication. Understand what LLMs are and the major language models being used.

December 6, 2023

GenAI is known to push business outcomes and maximum efficiency. And a powerful tool like Microsoft Copilot can do just that. But what can GenAI do to help us learn and lead better? We discuss how Microsoft Copilot will help us advance our learning and leadership.

Ep 159: Using Microsoft Copilot To Advance Your Learning and Leadership

December 5, 2023

You keep making the same mistake on ChatGPT that’s causing hallucinations and incorrect information. And you probably don’t know you’re making it. We’ll tell you what it is, and how to avoid it so you can get better results.

Ep 158: The ChatGPT Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making

December 1, 2023

Amazon Q was unveiled at the re:Invent conference 2023. Designed specifically for work, Amazon Q promises to revolutionize how we approach tasks, decision-making, and creativity in the workplace​​​​. But how does Amazon Q stack up against established players like ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Copilot? Let’s find out.

Ep 156: Amazon Q – Competitor to ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot?

November 29, 2023

ChatGPT plugins are still the most underutilized and most powerful GenAI tools out there. So with all the new ChatGPT updates, what’s new with plugins and how do they work now? We’re showing you how ChatGPT plugins work now and what’s changed.

Ep 154: ChatGPT Plugins – What‘s new and how they work now

November 28, 2023

Why do AI chats lie? It probably starts with understanding the model’s knowledge cutoff. Why does an AI’s knowledge have an expiration date, and how does this impact our interaction with technology? We’re cutting through the tech jargon to give you a clear view of how AI thinks and learns.

Ep 153: Knowledge Cutoff – What it is and why it matters for large language models

November 10, 2023

How is AI going to change data analysis? Will spreadsheets and databases become irrelevant? We discuss what the future of data analysis an data teams will look like with AI.

Ep 142: AI is Changing Data Analysis: Insider Tips

November 9, 2023

Why are AI models so biased? Whether it’s ChatGPT or an AI image generator, LLMs often have certain biases and tendencies. We discuss how to understand and fix biased AI.

Ep 141: How To Understand and Fix Biased AI

November 1, 2023

The Communications field has been filled with tons of fears and questions around AI. With so many AI use cases matching those in the industry, many are wondering what is next. We discuss how to stay irreplaceable in the Communications industry and adapt to AI.

Ep 135: The Future of ChatGPT: What It Means

October 12, 2023

ChatGPT plugins are a crucial way to help you get more reliable and accurate information out of ChatGPT. Hallucinations can be common when prompting so using ChatGPT plugins helps to reduce them. ScholarAI is one plugin we recommend to help with those issues. We talk about the ScholarAI plugin and how to get better information out of ChatGPT.

Ep 121: Faster and More Accurate Results From ChatGPT with ScholarAI

October 11, 2023

Is ChatGPT lying to you? Tokens are one of the biggest reasons you may be getting ChatGPT wrong. So what are tokens and how do you use them? We’re taking a deep dive into ChatGPT tokens and explaining it all.

Ep 120: ChatGPT Tokens – What they are and why they matter

October 6, 2023

How can we make AI more accessible for everyone? What role does the design of AI play? We dive into the importance of accessibility and user experience in AI design. We also discuss the challenges and possibilities of making AI more user-friendly.

Ep 117: Making AI Design User Friendly

October 2, 2023

Feeling stuck when using ChatGPT? Not getting the most out of it? We’re sharing 5 simple ChatGPT hacks on how you can use ChatGPT to get better responses and have it work for you!

EP 113: 5 Simple ChatGPT Hacks To Make It Easier to Use

September 29, 2023

The new Browse with Bing mode in ChatGPT has people buzzing. Does this new feature finally remove the September 2021 cut-off knowledge date? Well not exactly. We’re exploring ChatGPT’s Browse with Bing and showing you why you shouldn’t use this feature just yet.

Ep 112: Browse with Bing – The New ChatGPT Feature You Shouldn’t Use

September 26, 2023

What is the best Large Language Model (LLM)? We’re tackling that question today and taking a look at the five best LLMs. We’ll show you the pros and cons of each and see which will come on top!

Ep 109: LLM Showdown – ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard, Claude 2 and Perplexity

September 25, 2023

Microsoft Copilot will change the way we all work, even if you don’t use Windows. Copilot has finally been announced for November 2023 and it’s going to be huge. So what’s coming and what does it mean? Let’s dive in!

Ep 108: Microsoft Copilot – What’s Coming and What It Means

September 18, 2023

What does the future of work look like with AI? Specifically, how will AI affect creative organizations? We explore the role of generative AI in augmenting and supplementing creativity, how AI is shaping consumer mindsets, and what companies can do to prepare.

Ep 103: How ChatGPT Can Give You a Competitive Edge

September 14, 2023

Using ChatGPT WITHOUT internet access? That’s a no-no. You’re using ChatGPT incorrectly! We’re showing you how to connect ChatGPT to the internet and why it needs it.

Ep 101: How To Give ChatGPT Internet Access and Why It Needs It

September 7, 2023

Many people believe that AI removes the personal touch, but what if it could actually help us be more personal and make more sales? Today we break down valuable tips and actionable advice on using AI tools.

Ep 96: ChatGPT and Zapier: A Game-Changing Duo

August 30, 2023

Microsoft Copilot is here and it’s going to be more powerful than you think. With the ability to supercharge your entire OS system with AI, the capabilities will be endless. Not only will it affect how we work but also change the economy.

Ep 91: Microsoft Copilot is going to shake the economy. Here’s why

August 25, 2023

Here in the US students are heading back to school. But there’s one problem that hasn’t been solved yet. Using AI and ChatGPT in the classroom. Some schools have started to embrace it while others still reject it. What should schools do about it?

Ep 88: Back To School: The Students vs. Teachers and ChatGPT Dilemma

August 24, 2023

What AI secrets can you learn from one of the world’s leading marketing voices? Today, Mark de Grasse, President of, joins us to discuss the best AI tips and tricks to supercharge your marketing.

Ep 87: AI Secrets to Supercharge Your Marketing

August 21, 2023

We’ve talked about how you can use ChatGPT to start a business. But today we’re taking a look at how a 12-year-old’s interest in ChatGPT turned into a father and son duo business on educating others on ChatGPT.

Ep 84: How a father-son duo is using ChatGPT to educate others

August 18, 2023

Today we’re going over how to use ChatGPT by doing a live breakdown of the basics of ChatGPT and how to use it. From the ChatGPT interface and settings to the best tips and tricks, we cover a lot. We also answer questions from the audience.

Ep 83: ChatGPT Walkthrough and Q&A

August 4, 2023

ChatGPT plugins are one of the most underestimated features of ChatGPT Plus. If you’re not using them, you’re doing yourself or your business a disservice. We’re showing you how to actually use ChatGPT plugins to grow your business and career.

Ep 73: The Best ChatGPT Plugins and How They’ll Change Your Business

August 1, 2023

Wondering what makes the free version of ChatGPT different from ChatGPT Plus? We’re breaking down the difference between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, the use cases for plugins, and whether ChatGPT Plus is worth the upgrade.

Ep 70: Free ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus – What’s the difference?

July 28, 2023

Are major chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Bard lying about being connected to the internet? How can we stop chatbots from spitting out wrong information? Today we show you how to make sure your chatbot is connected to the internet and giving correct information.

Ep 68: AI Chatbots Are Lying About The Internet – How to stop them

July 27, 2023

Using tools like ChatGPT is great for easy and helpful content creation but sometimes it can sound a little robotic…unless you’re doing it correctly. We discuss how you can use AI for content and not make it sound robotic.

Ep 67: Making AI Content Not Sound Robotic

July 21, 2023

Apple has finally built its own GPT! Now that Apple has arrived to the AI scene, what does that mean for the rest of AI and Apple’s competitors? Are we seeing the rise of ChatGPT’s rival? Today we take a deeper look.

Ep 63: Apple GPT – Is Apple coming for ChatGPT?

July 17, 2023

Curious about Google Bard, an AI chatbot, and wondering just how good it is? Today we’re breaking down the basics of Bard and diving into its latest updates to see how it stacks up against the powerhouse ChatGPT.

Ep 59: Google Bard Breakdown – Is it better than ChatGPT?

July 14, 2023

Confused by this whole ChatGPT wave and just looking for a 101 breakdown on what it is and how it works? Today we’re getting back to the basics and giving you the rundown on everything ChatGPT so you can go from clueless to in the know.

EP 58: ChatGPT 101 – Getting Back to The Basics

July 10, 2023

Today we dive into the world of solopreneurship and how it can be transformed with the power of AI. We talk about using AI on everything from task-based work to decision-making for your business.

Ep 54: Winning with ChatGPT, Google Sheets and Automation

July 3, 2023

We made it to episode 50! In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we’re breaking down 50 things you NEED to know about AI!

Ep 50: State of AI: 50 things you NEED to know (50th Anniversary Special)

June 29, 2023

You’re using ChatGPT wrong. Today we into the common misconceptions and mistakes people make when using ChatGPT.

Ep 48: Everything You’re Getting WRONG About ChatGPT

June 23, 2023

Think about all your daily tasks that involve research or learning for your business growth. Now think of doing all those 3x faster. That’s what happens when you replace Google with ChatGPT for your business.

Ep 44: How To Replace Google with AI to Grow Your Business

June 21, 2023

Can small businesses run entirely on ChatGPT and plugins? We think so!

Ep 42: ChatGPT Plugins: How to make them work for you

June 16, 2023

What do you do when ChatGPT keeps lying? That’s referred to as ChatGPT “hallucinating.”

Ep 39: How To Keep ChatGPT From Lying

June 13, 2023

How can entrepreneurs use ChatGPT to boost creativity? We dive into the benefits of using Chat GPT and tips for making the most of the tool.

Ep 36: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to ChatGPT

June 7, 2023

Can ChatGPT stand up to the task of being our host today? That’s what we’re going to find out!

Ep 32: What Happens When ChatGPT Hosts Your Podcast?

June 6, 2023

Who says complex business problems call for complex solutions? If you spend the right time on it, ChatGPT can get you there!

Ep 31: Simple Business Solutions with Complex GPT Prompts

June 2, 2023

we share practical advice on how businesses and individuals can use ChatGPT on things like improving their copy and building engagement with their audience.

Ep 29: Using ChatGPT to Build Your Business Base

May 26, 2023

Learn tips and tactics on how to use ChatGPT effectively

Ep 24: How To *Actually* Use ChatGPT

May 19, 2023

Jordan Wilson takes you through the latest ChatGPT updates, including the iOS app, plugins, and browsing ability.

Ep 19: A Guide to ChatGPT’s Updates – iOS App, Plugins, and Web Browsing

May 16, 2023

Join Jordan Wilson as we dive into an AI chatbot 101, covering the basic functionality of the big 3: ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing Chat.

Ep 16: Chatbots 101 – Difference between ChatGPT, Bard and Bing Chat

May 4, 2023

IntroWhat are chat plugins, and will they allow us to essentially clone ourselves? That’s one of the things that we’re going to be talking about today on everyday AI, your daily live show, podcast, and newsletter that breaks down all of the newest trends happening and everything that’s going on in the AI scene. In

Ep 8: Can Bing Chat now compete with ChatGPT?