AI's Impact on Society Podcast

Reflect on AI's profound societal impact. Discuss ethical considerations, societal transformations, and the broader implications of artificial intelligence. Thought-provoking conversations for everyday people.

November 30, 2023

Why do drugs fail at such a high rate? What can AI do about? We’re asking an expert helping to lead the Pharma industry. We discuss how GenAI is reshaping the Pharma industry and medical drugs.

Ep 155: AI’s Edge in Pharma – Lowering Drug Failure Rates

November 20, 2023

Do you trust the AI tools that you use? Are they ethical and safe? We often overlook the safety behind AI and it’s something we should pay attention to. We discuss how we can trust and use ethical AI.

Ep 148: Safer AI – Why we all need ethical AI tools we can trust

November 17, 2023

Biology plays a large part in our lives and human development. So how can we use AI to shape the world that we live in? We discuss how AI is changing the future of biology and it’s implications for humanity and our world.

Ep 147: The AI Revolution in Biology – How it’s changing

November 9, 2023

Why are AI models so biased? Whether it’s ChatGPT or an AI image generator, LLMs often have certain biases and tendencies. We discuss how to understand and fix biased AI.

Ep 141: How To Understand and Fix Biased AI

November 8, 2023

What’s going to happen with lawyers, attorneys, and the business of law with AI? Will AI help to improve the role of lawyers and how law is conducted? We discuss AI and the future of law.

Ep 140: How AI Will Transform The Business of Law

November 6, 2023

Can AI actually be used for good? One of the biggest misconceptions around AI is the fear that it’ll take over everything and only cause destruction. But what can AI do to help us? We to discuss strategies for ethical and sustainable AI development.

Ep 138: AI for Good – Strategies for Ethical and Sustainable AI Development

November 1, 2023

The Communications field has been filled with tons of fears and questions around AI. With so many AI use cases matching those in the industry, many are wondering what is next. We discuss how to stay irreplaceable in the Communications industry and adapt to AI.

Ep 135: The Future of ChatGPT: What It Means

October 30, 2023

What effect will AI have on financial risk management? How will financial institutions change and what impact will it have on consumers? We discuss the future of financial risk management with AI and how it’ll affect us all.

Ep 133: How AI Will Change Financial Risk Management

October 17, 2023

2023 has been the year of generative AI. So what’s to come in 2024 for AI and what should you expect? We break down the top 5 ways that Gen AI will show up in 2024.

Ep 124: 5 Ways Generative AI Shows Up in 2024

October 16, 2023

AI is often being compared to the arrival of the Internet. But will AI be more impactful than the changes that the Internet brought? Today we dive into how AI has and will affect society on every level and the lasting effects it’ll have compared to the Internet.

Ep 123: Will AI Be More Impactful Than The Internet?

October 10, 2023

AI is already helping to power our economy but can it also power our future? How do AI and power relate to each other and what impact will it have on our energy usage? We have a leading expert from NVIDIA to dive into the details. We discuss AI’s role in renewable energy and how NVIDIA is using it to shape the future.

Ep 119: AI in Renewable Energy – Insights from NVIDIA

October 6, 2023

How can we make AI more accessible for everyone? What role does the design of AI play? We dive into the importance of accessibility and user experience in AI design. We also discuss the challenges and possibilities of making AI more user-friendly.

Ep 117: Making AI Design User Friendly

September 28, 2023

What will the future of healthcare look like with AI? In what ways has the medical industry already started to develop use cases for AI? We share insights into the AI developments being made both for healthcare professionals and front-facing customers like the everyday person.

Ep 111: How AI is (and Will Be) Used in Healthcare

September 27, 2023

How will AI change the tech industry? Join us as we dive deep with Fernando Mier from Avanade, exploring the fascinating world of AI in the Metaverse, the ethical dilemmas of AI digital twins, and the transformative impact of AI on design and the workplace.

Ep 110: How AI is Changing The Tech Industry

September 22, 2023

What does the advancement of AI mean for medical knowledge and clinical trials? How will AI impact the future of medical decisions? We share insights on how AI is transforming the landscape of clinical research and systematic reviews.

Ep 107: How AI Turns Clinical Trials into Medical Knowledge

September 15, 2023

What does the future of work look like with AI? Specifically, how will AI affect creative organizations? We explore the role of generative AI in augmenting and supplementing creativity, how AI is shaping consumer mindsets, and what companies can do to prepare.

Ep 102: Future of Work – What’s Next For Creative Orgs?

September 8, 2023

Many people believe that AI removes the personal touch, but what if it could actually help us be more personal and make more sales? Today we break down valuable tips and actionable advice on using AI tools.

Ep 97: Combining AI + HR: How to do it responsibly

August 31, 2023

When you create AI content on the Internet, who owns it? With AI content rising in popularity, countries are scrambling to decide what AI regulations should be implemented. We discuss how to approach AI content, E-commerce, and AI regulations.

Ep 92: AI in E-commerce – Navigating the Legal Maze

August 30, 2023

Microsoft Copilot is here and it’s going to be more powerful than you think. With the ability to supercharge your entire OS system with AI, the capabilities will be endless. Not only will it affect how we work but also change the economy.

Ep 91: Microsoft Copilot is going to shake the economy. Here’s why

August 29, 2023

Data privacy has become a major concern for businesses and individuals when it comes to using generative AI tools. What happens to our data? How can we make sure to govern AI properly? Today we discuss AI privacy and governance.

Ep 90: How To Tackle AI Privacy and Governance

August 28, 2023

How can we use AI for research without receiving false information or to get exactly what we need so it doesn’t take long? Today we discuss what what the future of research will be with AI.

Ep 89: AI’s Role in Responsible Research

August 25, 2023

Here in the US students are heading back to school. But there’s one problem that hasn’t been solved yet. Using AI and ChatGPT in the classroom. Some schools have started to embrace it while others still reject it. What should schools do about it?

Ep 88: Back To School: The Students vs. Teachers and ChatGPT Dilemma

August 22, 2023

Ok so we can admit that AI may be smarter than us but it’s definitely not more creative or original than humans…right? Today we take a deep dive and look at a few examples to see if AI truly is more creative than us.

Ep 85: Is AI More Creative Than Humans?

August 14, 2023

We’re always hearing about the latest AI technology. But how should we actually be using AI as a whole? What ethics and rules should be in place to make sure AI is used properly and effectively? today we discuss.

Ep 79: The Importance of Ethics in AI

August 7, 2023

Should ChatGPT be banned from schools? It’s a controversial topic that has people on opposite ends. Some schools have embraced it and others have removed it. Today we take a look at how students are using ChatGPT and if it’s helping or hurting them in learning.

Ep 74: Should Schools Ban ChatGPT?

August 2, 2023

How is AI taking form when it comes to helping businesses in healthcare? We share valuable insights and use cases, discussing how AI can improve operations, enhance patient care, and revolutionize personalized medicine.

Ep 71: AI in Business – Healthcare Use Cases

July 31, 2023

There’s one company in the US that’s more important to AI right now than anyone else. And it’s not who you think it is. Today we dive into NVIDIA and why it’s running the US AI game.

Ep 69: The Most Important AI Company No One is Talking About

July 24, 2023

The first major AI agreement between Big Tech and the US government is finally here. So how will this new agreement affect us all? Today we take a deep dive and discuss.

Ep 64: Big Tech and US Government Reach Agreement on AI

July 19, 2023

We know that AI can help us make more money. But what can it do to help improve the way we manage and deal with money? We delve into the world of banking and financial services and explore how AI can be used to improve these industries.

Ep 61: Using AI to Improve Banking and Financial Services

July 12, 2023

Is it possible to govern AI or has it already grown to be bigger than we can handle? We discuss the importance of defining the audience and setting goals before introducing AI.

Ep 56: How To Govern and Properly Use AI

July 11, 2023

Today we dive into the world of solopreneurship and how it can be transformed with the power of AI. We talk about using AI on everything from task-based work to decision-making for your business.

Ep 55: How to properly leverage AI in the classroom

July 3, 2023

We made it to episode 50! In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we’re breaking down 50 things you NEED to know about AI!

Ep 50: State of AI: 50 things you NEED to know (50th Anniversary Special)

June 28, 2023

From disease detection tools to new medications being created, AI is already starting to play a huge role in the medical industry. So what does that mean for us and the future of healthcare?

Ep 47: The Future of AI in Healthcare

June 22, 2023

Will AI actually take our jobs? It’s been the biggest question since the boom of AI. With a Goldman Sachs study predicting that 300 million jobs will be lost by AI, the answer is yes…technically.

Ep 43: Will AI Actually Take Our Jobs?

June 12, 2023

What role will AI play for students? We learn how universities are teaching AI and how students can use AI to solve everyday problems.

Ep 35: How Students Can Use AI to Solve Everyday Problems

June 9, 2023

What happens when AI isn’t well accepted in your country? What factors that contribute to this fear?

Ep 34: How To Still Use AI When It’s Taboo

May 30, 2023

How will the use of language models like ChatGPT assist in coding?

Ep 26: The Impact of AI on Society: Making Us Smart or Dumb?

May 24, 2023

What role will AI play in the future of medical education? Will AI become your doctor?

Ep 22: Using AI in Medical Education

May 22, 2023

We let you ask us anything! From the socioeconomic impacts of AI to plagiarism detection for AI-generated content, we answer all the questions.

Ep 20: Everyday AI – Ask Us Anything Edition

May 15, 2023

Can AI be used for cybersecurity purposes? What does it mean for the future of security?

Ep 15: Using AI as a First Line of Cyber Defense

May 12, 2023

What happens when you use AI in an industry space? Does it work?

Ep 14: Infusing Some AI Into the HVAC Space

May 9, 2023

With the rapid advancements of AI, how will it change digital transformation?

Ep 11: AI and Digital Transformation: What’s Next?

May 5, 2023

How is the current writer’s strike going to affect AI in Hollywood and what impact will it have on the future of cinema?

Ep 9: Is Hollywood Scared of AI?

May 1, 2023

What the heck are NeRFs and what makes them so ground breaking for digital imaging?

Ep 5: Will NeRFs change digital imaging?

April 27, 2023

Is Elon Musk coming for AI? And when will AI regulation happen?

Ep3: Will Elon Musk End the AI Boom?

April 26, 2023

Bill Gates hinted that AI chat bots might replace teachers. Is it true?

EP 2: Bill Gates hints AI could replace teachers

April 25, 2023

What is Everyday AI? Will AI take your job? Probably.

EP 1: Will AI Take Your Job?